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Alcohol & Drug

Outpatient care is designed for individuals who need addiction treatment services while living at home. This level of care allows you to incorporate treatment into your life while still attending school, maintaining employment or staying connected to family.

Doing Homework


For families dealing with higher levels of stress. The group focuses on managing stress and building positive relationships with your children. This class meets the requirements for the 12, 24 or 52-week court-mandated program.

Group Therapy

Batterer's Treatment

This program addresses issues such as physical, emotional and verbal abuse and/or anger.  The class meets the requirements for the 52-week court-mandated program and is approved by the Sacramento County Probation Department. 

Brick house

My Brother's House

Sober Living Homes available in Sacramento, CA and Surrounding Areas. 

Relaxing in Park

Anger Management

Our Anger Management classes focus on the consequences of anger while teaching anger management techniques to avoid violence.

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