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Batterer's Treatment Program

The program was designed for men and women who have been mandated by the courts, in lieu of jail to attend a 52 week Batterer's Treatment Program.   


This program addresses issues such as physical, emotional and verbal abuse and/or anger.  The class meets the requirements for the 52-week court-mandated program and is approved by the Sacramento County Probation Department. 

52 Week BTP Certified by Sacramento County Probation

Participants are encouraged  to look at this program as a learning experience rather than “have to”. The program offers an alternative to violence and abuse through intervention, counseling and support.  Our main goal is alleviation of domestic violence and its effects on our families, our communities and our future.​

The goal of these intervention programs is to teach abusive partners to develop empathy for their victims, identify and self-monitor negative thoughts, and to identify and interrupt the negative self-talk that often precedes incidences of violence, in order to prevent further abuse.


Required Documents


You MUST bring all of the following documents to your intake appointment in order to be enrolled:

Minute Order:  Your minute order can be obtain from Sacramento County Probation Department or Court. This document is REQUIRED before you can enroll.​

​Intake Fee: $35.00 Cash, Money Order or Debit/Credit Card (Debit/Credit Card is subject to a processing fee).

Income Verification:  If employed, bring in 2 most recent paystubs. If receiving SSI, SSA, Unemployment, or other. Bring in 2 most recent payment receipts.

Each client pays a weekly fee that is due before the start of  class each week.  This fee is based on your household income. Your fee is determined by a sliding scale.  Without proof of income your per week fee will be $45 until proof is shown otherwise.

  Class Times:

Only Allowed To Attend Assigned Time.

Participants are required to attend one (1) two-hour class session, once per week for 52 weeks.


                                   1:00pm - 3:00pm  Men's Group

                                3:00pm - 5:00pm  Women's Group

                                5:00pm - 7:00pm  Men's Group

                                7:00pm - 9:00pm  Men's Spanish Group

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